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Matri Shree Charitable Trust was founded by matrishree'ans in the memory of Late Smt Vibha Shree Gupta in yrs 2012,

** The Trust is registered under Indian Trust Act 1882.

** The Trust has got certificate from Income Tax Department under 80G.

The main objective is to help needy / disable children's, support / encourage them for education and do some social work towards society,

  1. Trust has adopted a boy named "Ravi" from Kiran Society, who is physically disable (see detailed information about Ravi in attachment) and trust is paying all his expenses for living.
  2. Trust is paying Education fees of four (4) student of Missionaries of Charity (a society of MOTHER TERESA),
  3. Trust has donated Rs/- One Lac and One Thousand only (Rs/- 1,01,000.00) for Uttarakhand Victims.
  4. The lsit of donatees in MSCT are as under:-
S. No. Name Amount
1.0 Matri Shree Powertronics Pvt Ltd Rs/- 21,000.00
2.0 Shri Vivek Jaiswal Rs/- 20,000.00
3.0 Shri Shyam Bihari Sultaniya Rs/- 11,000.00
4.0 Shri Manish Gupta Rs/- 10,000.00
5.0 Shri Awadesh Agrawal Rs/- 11,000.00

80G Tax Rebate

1. In order to attract contributions to certain charitable funds and organizations established by the government it offers tax exemption on amounts you donate to them. These are covered under section 80G.

2. If you pay a donation to any recognized charity fund or organization, a part of the donation can be claimed as an expense. This means that the donation paid is reduced from your salary, so your tax liability reduces. The charity needs to give you a certificate to this effect, which it would if it were recognized under this section. You need to declare this while filing your Tax Returns.See Attachment